Be Beyond 16/17

This collection rediscovers lost dreams. Time flows fast, forcing us to forget what we dream, wish for and even fight for…  

Through patterns that are organized and repeated, pointing to a path; other patterns randomly appear, suggesting undulating movements; to which are added those that blink on moments, seeking to revisit yesterday’s dream, dimmed by the rush of time.

The intention is for the patterns to be interpreted by each one, mirroring dormant memories…

And then? What colour are your dreams?

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Honest Tradition 14/15

Tradition is the illusion of permanence — Woody Allen in Deconstructing Harry (1997)

Tiles still play a great part in Portuguese decor tradition. After five centuries, tiles are still seen as an essential element that structures architecture, through large coatings on the inside and outside of buildings.

Among different themes, we choose the geometric patterned one, as it brightens symmetrical architecture. In the 19th century this type of tiles covered thousands of exterior surfaces of Portuguese houses. Framing doors and windows, covering floors and walls, they are key elements through color and light variations of urban identity.

NEVOA embraces this heritage transposing it through a mixed colorpalette and subtle patterns, giving an exquisite touch to this traditional journey.

Be Honest, Choose Tradition.

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Limited Edition 14

This partnership stands from the will to continue to explore Portuguese tiles through other eyes. Danny Zappa & Carolina Sacco are a young couple that use the mobile photo to reveal colours, shapes, patterns and contexts. They discovered Portugal and shared it with the world.

Moments captured with love and humour, “baked” by NEVOA to achieve, over joinery and handmade silkscreen printing, this special and limited collection.

Discover @dannyzappa and @carolinasacco on instagram!

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